Interactive Online Classroom

The traditional concept of ecucation, which consists of a teacher presenting the content in front of the class and students only being allowed to participate when called upon, is outdated. Nowadays lessons are designed to be more collaborative and interactive. Due to the advanced digital transformation even physical distance is no longer an issue that stops lessons from being held. Students and lecturers can connect via online classrooms.

Lecturers constantly search for ways to improve their teaching to bring content closer to the students. Since a lot of students seem to learn better when they can experience content practically, one big goal is to make teaching more interactive, so students get involved. A way to achieve this is to implement educational games in class. Through educational games, students can experience theoretical content in a practical way. However, designing such interactive lessons takes a lot of effort and and can be daunting. is an online classroom which allows you to implement interactive educational games in your classes with just a few clicks. You can experience the full advantage of educational games in an interactive online classroom without spending valuable time setting up games on your own. The simulations can be used in both traditional and online classes.

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Platform Features

Online Based Platform

There is no software installation required neither for students nor for lecturers. Students can use any device to run the simulations in a browser. It doesn't matter if they choose to participate with a laptop, tablet or mobile device, as the games are optimised for all platforms.

Student Management

Staying organized and on top of things is essential. The structure of the classroom makes it possible to keep track of everything. You can create multiple courses for different classes. Each course may include several sessions which can be prepared beforehand. Students can easily be added to courses in a few steps. Each student recieves an individual invitation code for their class.

Upload Documents, Teaching Notes and Links

The classroom is a universal solution for online teaching. Besides adding games you can also add documents, teaching notes and links to your session. This way you can prepare whole lessons all in one place without using multiple platforms.


Due to our Polling Feature you can stay in touch with your students during your sessions. You can choose between live polls, multiple choice questions and discussion boards. The results are graphically prepared and can be published directly to the students.

Games Catalogue

Our platform offers pre-assembled games from different topics like operations management, decision theory and behavioral psychology. There are both single player as well as interactive games. The games and simulations are fully customizable and setting up a simulation is designed to be as easy as possible. Explore our games catalogue to to see what games are eligible.

Simulation Reports

The results of every game are recorded in the Simulation Reports. The data is automatically prepared and can be shown to the students. It is also possible to export the data for later use.