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Interactive Educational Games

Run serious games on a mobile-friendly classroom platform and engage in discussions with students on live data

Interactive Mobile Classroom

Our platform enables you to actively engage with your students through interactive educational games. Students will use their own mobile devices to participate in simulations, access results and interact with each other.

Simulations played individually can be assigned as homework, whereas large group simulations might be better suitable for the classroom. One way or another, students will be actively engaging the subject through educational games.

Use Cases

Regardless whether the simulations are assigned as homework or if they are conducted in the classroom, educational games can be used on a great variety of topics. Our catalog offers serious games from operations management, decision theory, financial economics, behavioral psychology and many more.

To get a better understanding on the different topics that we cover, please visit our subpages solely focused on the content you might be interested in. On our operations management page you can access demo versions of our educational games in operations management and get further insights.

Operations Management Games

Create Your Own Games

Come to us with your own ideas for educational games. We can help you to implement these games or we can take over the implementation for you. Either way, we would be happy to make your games available to other instructors and pay you a commission for every student that participates. If you are already using SoPHIE for research, it will be easy for you to use existing experiments in the classroom as well.

We will include your games in our games catalogue and we will promote them for you. In cooperation with our customers we already implemented a couple of different simulations. Among others the simulation "Autonomous Vehicle Alliances Game" displayed here, which is used to demonstrate potential benefits of collaboration. Contact us today to discuss your ideas.

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