Access Problems

Access Problems

Quick help for common access problems

    Why can't my students join the module?

    There may be different reasons why participants cannot join a module. Most of these problems are due to incorrect settings when creating a session. These problems can still be fixed afterwards by making a few mouse clicks. This article explains two of the most common errors and gives the respective solutions.

    Problem 1: Participants cannot see the modules

    When participants join the session via their login code, they may encounter the problem of finding only a blank page instead of the prepared content. This is due to the fact that the visibility of the modules has not been activated in the settings. The visibility can be set by clicking on the eye symbol next to the module name.

    Content visibility

    Problem 2: Participants can see the modules but cannot join

    If students successfully enter the session, they may be able to see the modules but not to join them. The join button is then disabled and greyed out.

    This problem, like the one above, can be fixed with a few clicks. Students can only join active modules. They can be activated individually by clicking on the three dots next to the visibility icon and selecting the option "Set to run". By default, the modules are deactivated. This way you do not have the risk of students joining the wrong module.

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    Making optimal use of the settings

    The visibility and accessibility settings can be used to give structure to the session. Through them, you can decide what you want the students to see and when. For a guide on how to use this to your advantage, as well as other useful tips on using the classroom, read our Best Practice Guide.