Technical Requirements

Technical requirements

Technical requirements for lecturers and students


    No software has to be downloaded in order to use the classroom. The classroom is completely cloud-based and can be reached via any browser. All the different courses and sessions are hosted on our servers and are available at all times. The only technical requirement is an internet-enabled device and access to the internet. It is recommended that instructors use a computer or laptop, as these are the most practical devices for creating a session.


    Students do not need an additional application to participate in the sessions. Just like the lecturers, they only need an internet-enabled device and internet access. Students can use any device to run the simulations in a browser as the classroom is of course optimized for all tablets as well as smartphones.

    The latter is particularly interesting for implementing sessions in traditional classes. As no app or similar is required, these can also be conducted spontaneously since most students always have a smartphone with them. This way, for example, short surveys and games in the auditorium can be integrated into the lessons via the classroom.