Student Management

Student Management

Learn how to manage your students

    Where and how do I upload my students?

  • 1. Add one or multiple students by selecting the icons shown in the side navigation. If the side navigation is not displayed you can access it by opening the menu in the top right corner or select the add participant icon within the main interface.

    Add Multiple Participants

    2. If you decide to upload students one by one the interface asks for the specific students' information, which you enter by hand. The preferred method of uploading all of the students at once on the other hand requires a specifically formatted csv file (make sure you created a csv file and not an Excel file).

    If you upload an incomplete list, the arguments are dropped from right to left. You can skip arguments by inserting empty columns. You can download a sample data set for participants here.

    Participant Upload

    3. After uploading your file you will see a preview of the first five rows to make sure, that your document is well formated. At this point you can also decide to ignore the first row of the upload, if your document contains headlines. In addition you can send out individualized emails to your students right after the upload. That way students receive instructions on how to access your class.

    Participant Upload Example

    4. Those invitation emails can be send to all students of the class or to individual students that you might want to specify. Participant and course variables will help you to individualize the emails. Participants will receive the login code that is specific to their email address. Make sure that you included the variables you are going to use, as participants will get emails with empty spaces otherwise.

    Participant Email Invitation
  • How will my students enter the simulation?

    1. If you entered email addresses for the participants you added to your class, you will be able to send out invitation emails. Those will contain all the required information to access the course at

    Invitation Emails

    2. Of course you can also distribute the Course Code as well as the Login Codes (or an open registration) in any way you like and tell participants to go to On the login page students will also see classes they previously accessed to simply switch between classes.

    Student Login