Getting Started

Getting Started

Learn how to use the online classroom

  • How do I prepare my course?

    1. Before you start please make sure you created an instructor account.

    2. As the interface is stating, you can add your first course by selecting the add icon in the top right corner. Preparing your course will allow you to choose from multiple configuration options ranging from an individual Course Code to required personal information of your students or an open/closed course registration.

    Create Course

    3. After creating a course you canorganize your class in sessions. That will allow you to display content for a specific week and prepare next weeks classes as a new session.

    Create Session

    4. To add participants to your class you can either add students one by one or upload a csv file with all the students information. If you include students email addresses you will be able to send out individualized emails to make sure that students will be able to access your simulations without additional information.

    Add Participants
  • How can I add content to my course?

    1. Add a module to your session by selecting the button shown on the screen below. In addition to modules you can also link external URLs or upload files to provide teaching notes or other information.

    Add Module

    2. When adding a module you can choose from an extensive list of games. You can search for specific games or filter by category to find a good fit for your class.

    Module List

    3. After deciding for a specific module you can specify the game parameters. Those parameters range from module visibility or the number of periods played to more specific parameters such as inventory size or shipping delays.

    Game Parameters

    4. Make sure that students will be able to see the content you added to your course. The eye-icon indicates whether students can see the content or not. Simply click on this icon to toggle visibility.

    Content Visibility
  • How to run a simulation?

    To run a simulation you need to make sure that the content is visible to the students in the first place. You do that by clicking the eye-icon, if it is crossed out at the moment. In addition the status of the game needs to be "Running" and not "Paused" or "Not started". You can change the state of the game by selecting the "Options" button. As long as participants have been invited to the simulation, they will be able to see and access the content.

    Start Simulation
  • Where do I find game results for debriefing?

    After the simulation is done or even while the game is running you will be able to open the game reports and prepare the debriefing. You will be able to work with aggregated group data or scoreboards specific to each student.

    Game Reports