Create modules

Adding games and other modules to the Classroom

    The Classroom structure

    Sessions can consist of several modules. These modules include games, documents, external URLs, or external SoPHIE sessions. Educational games are the main component of the classroom. The other modules, such as documents and links, can be used to create entire lessons and provide participants with, for example, teaching notes or other information.

    Adding Games

    Selecting the "Add game" button opens the game list. Here you can filter the available games and access short descriptions (including screenshots) of each game by clicking on the information icon. The "Participants per group" indication below the game names describes whether the game is a single-player or a multi-player game.

    Adding a Game

    You can create a game by clicking on the corresponding plus sign on the righthand side. This will open the game settings menu for the respective game. Depending on which game you select, there are different customization options. For many games, the number of rounds, prizes, starting values and much more can be set here. The module name and description are displayed to the participants in the Classroom.

    Game List
    Adding other modules

    Documents and links can be added by clicking the "Other modules" button and selecting the desired module. Here you can upload a file or link a URL, depending on the module. The course name and description are again displayed to the participants.

    Adding other modules