Create a course

The classroom structure and how to set up courses

    The structure of the Classroom

    To always maintain an overview and stay organized, the SoPHIELabs Classroom consists of three different levels. There are courses, sessions and modules. Courses are the top organizational unit in the Classroom. A course can consist of multiple sessions, and sessions in turn can consist of multiple modules. As the name implies, it is convenient to create a course for each class.

    Creating courses

    To create a course, you need to specify a course name and the registration mode. You can also enter other optional information, such as a course code or a course description. If you do not enter a course code, one will be generated automatically. The name of the course is displayed to students as they enter the classroom. "Configure Participant Profile Fields" lets you choose what information you want to receive from your participants. If you set the fields to "required", the participants will be asked to fill in this information before they can enter the classroom, if you have not already inserted this information.

    Creating a new Course