Add Participants

Adding Participants to a Course

    Adding Participants

    In order to run the individual sessions, the corresponding participants must be added to them. Participants can either be added individually or uploaded as a list.

    Adding single Participants

    Individual participants can be added by selecting the "Add Participant" icon on the right-hand side.

    Adding Participants to a Course

    Here you can enter the respective parameters of your students in order to add them to the session. You can either insert a login code yourself or leave this field open. In the latter case, the code will be generated automatically. If you have set individual participant parameters to Required when creating the course, you can also leave fields such as first and last name blank. The participants will then be prompted to fill in these details themselves when they enter the classroom (to send the invitations to the participants, the participants' e-mails are required and cannot be left blank).

    Participant Information
    Adding multiple Participants

    If you want to add multiple participants at the same time, you can do this via the icon "Add multiple Participants" on the right side.

    Adding multiple Participants

    Here you can upload a list in the form of a csv file. An example list of how such a file should look like is also downloadable there.

    Uploading a list of Participants

    After you have added the participants, an invitation icon in the form of an envelope will appear next to the "Add Participant" field. Here you can use a prefabricated mail or compose your own to send your students the access data for your session. Due to variable parameters, personalized mails containing the previously specified parameters of the students are automatically sent to the individual participants. By following the link in the email, students can see the content you have created and shared in the Classroom.

    Inviting Participants to the Classroom